What is a root canal treatment?

The pulp is the tissue contained inside teeth, is made by nerves, veins and arteries that “feed and breath” the teeth.

The pulp´s main function is the tooth´s developing and detect external stimulation.

Reasons you could need a root canal treatment:

  • Very Deep caries
  • Severe hit or trauma on the teeth
  • Irreversible pulp immflamation (pulpitis)
  • Infection of pulp (necrosis)
Pulpar necrosis for irreversible pulpitis, bone infection is seen on x-ray

How is a root canal treatment done?

The clue is get rid of the infected pulp. In order to perform it, we use surgical rotary files inserted in a torque control motor (Endomate TC2 NSK, Japan) that remove the infected tissues, and special solvents that clean the tooth inside. We also use an Apex locator (Root ZX Morita, Japan) that help measuring the right lenght of our sealer, avoiding pain and discomfort afterwards.


The Canals are sealed with a rubber based material, called gutapercha files and a sealer, that seals the canal and avoid future infections. In our practice we use magnifying lenses as well, in order to get better control of the procedure, and a better outcome as well.



Sometimes the whole procedure could be done in one or two appointments, depending on the case. In most of the times isn´t necessary an antibiotic, just Painkillers if needed.



A permanent restoration should be placed as son as posible. Ideally a full coverage Crown or Ceramic Onlay is preferred. You will be informed in advance about the best treatment for your personal situation.



Are there alternatives to a Root Canal Treatment?

The only alternative is the tooth extraction, it´s done when the root canal has got a poor outcome (severe cracks, root decay that makes imposible a long lasting restoration or a vertical root fracture) in which case an Implant or Partial Removable Denture might be an option.