What are basal or cortical implants?

Basically, basal implants are “special” implants that are anchored in the patient’s internal native bone, which is never lost even if the teeth have been extracted many years ago. It’s a living technique with more than 60 years that was born in Italy by the hand of Dr Stefano Tramonte and has been promoted in the last 20 years at the hands of Dr Stephan Ihde and his strategic Implantology. I have trained with the best Basal Implantology Doctors worldwide to be able to offer my services.


I have implemented my own protocol, 100% digital, to be able to rehabilitate patients “on same day” in most cases or in 24-48 hours depending on the complexity. We have in our facilities everything necessary to be able to provide a Premium service from scratch (3D radiology, intraoral scanner, computer design and occlusion programs, electronic anesthesia and a long etcetera) so you do not have to worry about bringing previous X-rays if want a personalized consultation with my team.

What implants are necessary for this Implantology?

The implants are mostly European, Swiss and Italian, which is where this type of Implantology was born, and they have all the quality certificates.


We have more than 12 different types of implants to adapt to any case that may arise and not make any case adapt to a small type of implant, which is common in dental centers.


In this video, we show you how we can make you have perfect teeth in 8 hours. For this, we carry out a previous 3D study, in order to plan the baseline surgery and of course so that the patient can check how his teeth and smile will finally look like. Subsequently we place the basal or cortical implants, WITHOUT stitches, WITHOUT bone grafts and in most cases with hardly any pain.