Oral Surgery

Baby teeth (or temporary) fall out by the permanent between 6 to 12 years, but due to space problems, trauma or wrong orientation during eruption sometimes they don´t show. It makes sometimes cysts and bone deformities.


Any tooth could make that situation, but wisdom teeth and included canines are the most common.


Wisdom teeth tend to erupt from 14 years old onwards if they have room to erupt or are correctly orientated. If not, they got stucked onto the jaw´s bone.


Those teeth impacted and or included in the jaws´bone could cause cysts and tumors, as well as produce the early lost of neighboured teeth, so the extraction is recommended.


Removing impacted teeth is a minor oral surgery performed under local anaesthesia most times. With our special medical and surgical protocol, shouldn´t be any major postoperative complicantions.


Sometimes, when several teeth are in por condition and periodontal disease, its advised to removed all of them in one appointment, placing AT THE SAME TIME an immediate prosthesis fixed or removable depending the case, giving back function and aesthetics to the patient.


Dr Dario Castro is University Specialist in Oral Surgery.

Severely decayed and in por condition teeth
Immediate Aesthetic result

Dental Cysts // Bone Grafts

Either teeth included in the jaws´bone and erupted teeth, could cause an infection at bone level, that is makes a severe bone destruction quite fast. Even having the responsible tooth taken out, the infection makes a “cráter” boneloss that weakens the neighbour teeth and jaw´s density.


Thanks to modern bone regenerative techniques with Rich Plaquetel Grow Factors Plasma (PRF-PRFGF) we can regenerate and remodelate the bone loss área without the possibility of failure, because we take blood at the time of the surgery from the own´s patient and after some treatment on it, it´s placed over the bony deffect, creating a high quality new bone on a record time.

PRF Centrifuge BTI (Spain)