Are you thinking on having Implants? Dr Dario Castro and his team will be pleased to chat with you the best option for your case. You will be atended by our selected team supervised by Dr Castro from start to end.

Dental Implants……How it goes?

All patients interested on having implants need a first initial consultation. This appointment is highly necessary in order to make a correct diagnosis of the case and the best implants or technique for your specific case. This first appointment is free of charge. Then if both parts are happy, I will prescribe you some medication necessary before and after the surgical appointment.
The implant´s day (as some of my patients like to say) it takes between 30 to 45 min to place implants and provisional teeth fixed (it obviously depends on the patient and treatment). We prescribe you some painkillers and antibiotics to ease the post-operative bother.
Later on, we make some implant check ups and some x-rays will be taken to check the correct integration of the implant/s on your body. A couple of moths after the surgical step, the implant is ready for the final prosthesis.
Nowadays, some treatments could be done in just one or two visits (placing the implant and in the second visit placing the definitive crown). It depends on the case and the patient, you will be informed in advance if its posible on you.

Are all Implants the same?

NOOOO (unfortunately). There are four different densities of bone in the mouth, (Type I-II-III-IV) from the rock bone to the butter bone. Sometimes it also happends to have different densities in the same jaw bone. So it is imposible, unrealistic, treating all cases with the same implant. This is why we use 4 different types of Implants to solve all posible situations.

Is posible placing implants and fixed teeth in the same appointment?

Indeed, its also called Immediate Loading. It could be provisional or permanent depending on the case, but the most common question my patients ask me on the initial consultation is: will I leave the practice with teeth, Doctor?
Absolutely YES, Teeth to bite on, to smile and talk. Sometimes it´s better having a provisional fixed bridge after implant placement, to give time of gum to heal propperly, and a few months later, changing the temporary for a permanent fixed prosthesis.
Immediate loading isn´t a new thing, Has been doing for decades in Italy, by Dr Garbaccio and DR Tramonte among others.
I learnt the technique from one of the fathers of implantology, Dr Silvano Tramonte in Milan, Italy. I also got the specialization on use of Intra Oral Welding, a must for immediate loading.
I do perform all surgeries on a minimally harmly approach. The less harm, the better healing.
Most of the times we don´t need to raise a flap for placing implants. Some surgeons we do it flaplessly on a daily basis.

Is the treatment itself painful?

Not at all. It is done under local anaesthetic, the same one used for extractions and fillings. Actually placing an implant is lot less uncomfortable than having a wisdom tooth extraction.
The post-operative phase sometimes is a bit uncomfortable. This is why we prescribe you painkillers and antibiotics, to minimize the side effects.
It is very important follow the pre and post operative intructions, in order to avoid unecessary pain and discomfort.
Actually, most of our patients are quite surprised about the procedure itself and the easy recovery afterwards. Anyway, you will be supervised by our team and keep in touch anytime to check your perfect recovery.

Do I need to take sickness leave for placing implants?

Most of the cases even placing several implants, is not necessary and most patients do normal life the day after.

Somebody told me I´ve got no bone…..

I belong to a team of skilled surgeons trained on NO bone cases (MIDI DOCTORS). There are always options. Using several types on implants on different situations there is always one for you. If you go to a shoe store where they have only one model and two sizes is easy to say there are no shoes for you 😉

Why choosing us for your Implant treatment?

Passion and dedication for our work. From day one to the follow up you will be atended by a dedicated team.
I´ve got 12 years of experience 10 of them specialized on Immediate loading Implants and minimally invasive dentistry. We, as MIDI Doctors, get training on the latest and most advanced techniques all year long, attend to courses and conferences nationally and internationally. We train Doctors as well.
We use only the best and more tested products of the market (Implants, attachments, bone graft materials…), and always at a fair price.

I´m smoker, can I have Implants?

You should know the healing is usually a bit slower on smokers and implants could fail an a higher rate than not smokers. This is due to the poorer irrigation of gums and bone. Nevertheless, I´ve treated more tan 200 smoker patients sucessfully.

I´m diabetic so…….

So go ahead. Nowadays, a well controlled Diabetes is not a reason of not having implants. We need a closed relation to your Doctor prior to implant placement anyway.

Am I too old for having Implants?

There is no age limit for implant treatment and with the minimally agressive techniques we perform even less. The solution to a highly unstable Full denture to a Hollywood Smile it depends on you and your needs. We need to assess your personal needs on the initial consultation.

Can Implants develop allergies?

No, there isn´t that risk, all implants have got a purity certification. Anyway, we do offer Zirconia and Peek Implants as well, that are metal-free for holistic and allergic patients. Ask our staff for more information.

What is the Implant maintenance, are implants forever?

The implant crowns work like a tooth and should be cleaned like a tooth. Brushing daily after meals. Use Dental floss and Interdental Brushes.
We do encourage all our implant patients as well as Periodontal and Orthodontic patients, to use a wáter irrigator (Waterpick or similar) to clean all pockets from nasty bacteria.
Also, you should come to your dentist and/or higienist for regular check ups and cleanings, in order to make them last forever with clean teeth, implants and healthy gums.