This is a simple case for my practice, this patient came with a root filled tooth with chronic infection for years, generating constant swellings and I restore his smile immediately and without grafts of any kind.


This patient had gone through several consultations with his problem, which is in fact an endodontic top left premolar with a large inflammatory area that had destroyed all the surrounding bone. With the classic technique, 3 surgeries.

First, bone extraction and grafting, Second, 3/4 months later, place the implant as long as the bone has “glued”

And a third to access the implant and be able to take molds for a crown.


Fortunately, I was able to perform a basal implantology technique, called Canine Bypass, where the implant is fixed “above” the canine, anchoring itself in the nasal basal buttress. A bone that is never lost and gives immediate fixation. Also, I placed a scialom needle to make bipoidism effect, plus intraoral welding and a fixed provisional at the time of the intervention.


The procedure was performed in less than an hour, with immediate function and aesthetics.


I am the only professional in the Canary Islands who performs this procedure and therefore it will be difficult for them to offer it to you. The fast track, in this case, is much more efficient. Without grafts, without opening the gums, without stitches and with fixed teeth at the moment.


As evidenced by the images that you can see in detail on our YouTube channel.

Dr. Darío Castro 

Specialist in Oral Surgery and Implantology, Endodontics and Orthodontics. COELP 755.
Clínica Dental Doctor Darío Castro – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – Spain

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